Posted by: lindseychristine | September 22, 2009

iblastmusic. iruinmyhearing.

The iPod craze is hopping and college students can’t get enough of their favorite tunes. However, the frequent everyday blasting of loud music could lead to a rude awakening, hearing loss. Running on a treadmill at the gym with music blaring from earbuds may be a regular habit for many, but the effects of damaging hearing loss from doing so is rarely considered. Often times young adults do not even realize just how loud their music is playing which can be problematic for the auditory system. According to the Washington Post, an American Speech-Language-Hearing Association member, Pamela Mason, said, “If you can hear someone else’s music through earphones about 2 feet away, that person is running the risk of permanent hear loss.” On a daily basis it is certainly not uncommon to hear music blaring from people either sitting next to you in class or walking by. Music is essential and keeps us all going, but turn it down!



  1. Short is good, but you gotta give me some meat!

  2. Not to mention the constant cell phone use, bumpin music in the car, and the music volume at bars/clubs. We’ll all be needing Miracle Ear at the age of 40!

  3. P.S. Really creative blog title!

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