Posted by: lindseychristine | September 22, 2009

Make a Study Detour!

There’s nothing worse than being at the library and being surrounded by people talking or cell phones ringing off the hook. Sometimes the library just doesn’t live up to its quiet and productive atmosphere. Although the library often seems like your best bet to “hit the books,” there are certainly other alternatives to consider. After all, you should familiarize yourself with a “secret,” reliable workspace where you will not be interrupted by any distractions.

Decide whether you work best in complete silence or with some background noise. Check out places like, graduate libraries, empty classrooms, computer labs in different academic departments, dining halls. Be creative! Go outside! Fall is here, enjoy the fresh air while it’s around. Find a spot on the grass to spread out your stuff or a bench on campus. Do some research to find local coffee shops with Wi-Fi. Take a breather from the everyday college scene and acquaint yourself with a new, comfortable place to concentrate. Where do you like to study? Do you think the library is overrated?



  1. Firs of all I know that I can’t study in my room with the temptations of roommates, Facebook, TV, and of course my bed! The library feels too confined. I like to be at a coffee shop a place where I can enjoy a latte as I study or if after awhile I get hungry I can treat myself to a cookie, etc. This way I’m getting some enjoyment while studying.

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