Posted by: lindseychristine | September 23, 2009

Lay off the soda fix!

Have you ever tried eating 17 teaspoons of sugar? No I didn’t think so. Dr. Walter Willett of Harvard School of Public Health found that a typical 20 oz. soda does in fact contain 17 teaspoons of sugar, according to an August article published in The Boston Globe. That’s a whole lot of sweet stuff and fat! Regardless if you’re drinking or eating that much sugar, it’s still entering your body in one sitting. According to Willett and other Boston scientific researchers, “Women who quaffed more than two sweetened beverages a day had an almost 40 percent higher risk of heart disease than those who rarely touched the drinks.” Each year more than 910,000 Americans die from heart disease, according to CNN. Heart disease is our worst enemy, especially in the U.S.

The facts are clear! You have one heart, you might as well keep it healthy and strong. Although it may tough to pass up a sweet drink when eating at the dining hall, try to consider healthier, less sugary drinks. Try your best to drink soda in moderation or try to gradually cut it out of your diet. Not only will your heart thank you for it, but so will the scale. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that drinking a 12 oz. soda each day could result in packing on 15lbs in a year. Much more than I would think! That 15lb weight gain is surely preventable; it’s obvious that it all comes down to our healthy decision making. How often do you drink soda? Do you try to limit your soda intake?



  1. Your last two posts were well written and informative — from a strictly text perspective. Here’s a hint on when to hypertext a word: When you mention a persons name and where they work, link to a bio or workplace web page. If you mention a business, hyper link. When in doubt, link.

  2. Although I have heard that this solution isn’t much better but when I feel like treating myself to a soda I opt for a diet soda. That’s another issue though, so which is better, regular or diet soda? Hmmm.. I’m sticking to good old H20!

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