Posted by: lindseychristine | September 28, 2009

1 Friend Request! Oh no…it’s my mom!

friend-requestDUN DUN DUN! It’s the day that no college student looks forward to, receiving a Facebook friend request from their mom or dad. It just doesn’t seem right! However nowadays it is not unlikely! Although a college student may feel they have nothing to hide from their parents, adding our parents as “friends” on Facebook ultimately allows them to begin snooping on personal lives. Not only is spying the concern, students aren’t exactly fond of their parents making comments on their walls, statuses and photos. Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook founder, developed the site in 2004 for college students to keep in touch with friends. The site later progressed to allow high school students to become users which then led to anyone having the opportunity to create an account beginning in 2006, according to The Washington Post. As a result, more than ever before it seems as if moms and dads left and right have gotten the memo to join the most popular college website.

What exactly are the intentions of our parents’ generation joining Facebook? At the start of the year ABC News reported, “Many students are particularly unsettled by their parents’ use of the social networking site because they don’t know why their parents would want to use it, other than to spy on or embarrass them.” Of course our parents don’t want to feel left out from technological trends, however there’s a time and place for interaction with parents. Facebook just does not appear to be the best place to do so.

Brooks Adickman one of the founders of MyParentsJoinedFacebook, a humorous website dedicated to revealing what can happen when students friend their parents, revealed to Time Magazine, “When parents start joining, the party’s over.” Since “the book” allows your friends to tag photos of you and write on your wall at any given time, it’s tough to monitor all the content that’s driven to your page. “Friending” your parents can be risky since it may not always be “parent friendly.” It’s typical for friends to often write crazy, funny comments or inside jokes on Facebook walls that one would not want their parents to misinterpret.

Yes, we are adults now and it’s not like we’re going to get grounded if our parents see something they do not approve. However, college students should embrace the privacy this social networking outlet offers of having a personalized page to communicate with friends and post photos freely.

Of course we have the option of limiting our profiles with privacy settings, but what is the point? Shouldn’t we just instead call our parents to tell us what’s new in our lives instead of our parents trying to find out by prying at our walls and looking at what we did the past weekend from our tagged photos? What are your thoughts, are you “friends” with Ma and Pa?

For the brave…



  1. This was great. Uh, going to post it to Facebook?

  2. OMG! I’ve been dreading this day to come! Not only is my mother requesting me to be her friend, she is requesting friends of mine! It’s easy to tell my own mother I don’t want to be Facebook friends but it’s a little more difficult to relay that to a friend’s parent. Seems that the future of Facebook will be a little more censored with less party photos. All pages will soon become PG, since there truly will be Parental Guidance going on!

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