Posted by: lindseychristine | October 1, 2009

Save $1.00 on Solo Cups…I’ll take that!

american-eagle-coupon Sweet two for the price of one!

I don’t know about your moms, but my mom is thee Queen of Coupons. Literally. It’s a common occurrence for her to enthusiastically share with me how much money she saved on her weekly groceries. She cracks me up! Let’s face it, who could blame her for the joys of saving money? Every little bit does help. But cutting coupons seems to be a thing of the past. If anything, people will print out coupons online that were emailed to them or from websites. It’s typical for moms to be frequent coup cutters, but college kids don’t do such a thing even though they could use the savings the most.

Sure if we have a coupon and remember to use it when we check out of course it’s great! Before I headed back to UConn this fall my mom handed me a Ziplock bag with coupons ranging from Chewy Granola bars to clothes at Express. I did the whole “Thanks Mom” thing and stuck ’em in my desk where I knew I’d eventually get to them. For awhile I never found myself taking full advantage of them.

Being an avid CVS shopper, the store rewards me with multiple coupons on the receipts. As a college student I, like the rest of us, am always watching how much I spend. I’ve recently found myself using CVS and other coupons more often. When you look at your receipt and see how much you saved it makes you wonder why using coupons isn’t more trendy amongst our age group.images-1

With economic hardships seriously hurting the families of many students, people are doing all they can to keep their wallets full. The New York Times reported last week, “Thanks to the miserable economy, coupons — like board games and family dinners around the kitchen table — have made a comeback. The recession has even made coupon clippers out of some groups that once avoided them, including well-to-do shoppers and young shoppers.” Why spend the extra dollar on laundry detergent when you could just give a coupon?

RetailMeNot,RedPlum and will help you keep your cash in your pocket with their wide array of coupons to choose from. Valpak is a super find because you can search for coupons at local stores, restaurants, and other businesses. Get in the habit of spending your dough more wisely by taking the time to find worthwhile deals my friends.

How often do you use coupons?


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