Posted by: lindseychristine | October 6, 2009

Jumpstart your online identity!

linkedin1College students are constantly being cautioned not to upload or write inappropriate material on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to maintain a professional online identity. However, nobody ever offers us advice on ways to create a positive image for ourselves or improve upon our professional appearance on the Internet.

LinkedIn is a great way for students to “market” themselves and boost their identity to perspective employers. This professional website allows you to enter in educational information, past work/internship experiences, activities, skills, academic and professional achievements, and URLs to personal websites/blogs. In addition, you can provide a short summary about yourself highlighting a desired industry(s), interests and aspirations. Ultimately you are creating an online resume for others to access instantaneously which could be beneficial in various ways.

The popular site allows you to stay connected with current and past employers/co-workers/ internship supervisors, friends, professors and highly qualified experts in specified fields. Since social networking sites like Facebook are often very personal, LinkedIn is a fantastic alternative for keeping in touch with such individuals on a positive and conservative note.

Employers from all fields are able to contact users they may find suitable for job openings or internships as well. Having the opportunity to develop inside connections with potential employers is just one of the many advantages of choosing to utilize LinkedIn. The site emphasizes that more than 47 million people are members from more than 200 countries. Very impressive! The site is truly a strong networking tool with a wide array of professionals associated within the organization. Like Facebook, you are able to invite those you prefer to connect with and manage your information with privacy settings.

Rumor has it that LinkedIn is only for professionals and graduates, however that is certainly NOT the case! LinkedIn is advantageous for college students since you are making a name for yourself and putting yourself out there to a reputable, professional online community. The site can assist undergraduates who may only be seeking career advice from those working in the field or those in search of landing an internship. Regardless of a student’s motive for creating an account, if a potential employer “Googles” their name their LinkedIn account will most likely appear within the first page. Always a plus! Including the URL to a LinkedIn account can also snazz up a resume and show employers that you’re focused professionally.

Here are five reasons why students should dive right into the big LinkedIn pool and help launch their career paths…



  1. I find LinkedIn to be a great way to maintain contact with former colleagues and classmates without the ‘getting personal’ aspect of Facebook.

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