Posted by: lindseychristine | October 8, 2009

One Blog Audience Mystery Revealed!

bloggersWho’s reading your blog? Friends? Family? The guy down the hall? Is your roommate your blog’s biggest fan? Of course complete strangers can also read your blog on a daily basis. You may never know who enjoys reading your topic focused blog or personal life blog that reveals your experiences and thoughts. Blog sites do provide their bloggers with stats to determine the amount of traffic their blog receives, however we are unclear of who those visitors are exactly.

Did you ever think that a link to your blog could be posted on your college’s admissions office website? Probably not, but it could more be more likely than you think!

admissions_vassar_eduStudents’ blog links are being publicized on admissions office websites at MIT, Yale, Colby, Wellesley, Amherst, Bates, and Carleton, according to a report published by The New York Times last week. Why you ask? Student blogs are now being viewed by professionals in higher education as a valuable way for prospective high school students to zoom in on the attitudes and perspectives from the college or university’s student body. The NY Times reinforced that college personnel are firm believers in providing such blog links since they are “…a powerful marketing tool for high school students, who these days are less interested in official messages and statistics than in first-hand narratives and direct interaction with current students.”

Let’s face it, going on a college tour you’re often provided with lots of “fluff” by peppy tour guides who are eager to do and say whatever they can to sell their school. Getting the real scoop on a college and students’ experiences is truly important. It’s great if you know someone who attends a college you’re applying to since it’s easy to hear the real deal. However when you don’t know anyone who goes to a school, blogs of current students from such school may be a great alternative to acquire a better glimpse of the kinds of students who attend.

When it comes to searching for the perfect college, high schoolers need to make an effort to learn about the kinds of students who attend, the best weekend spots, if the location is conducive for a college lifestyle, how the classes and professors are, costs, and the types of activities and services offered. There is certainly a lot to consider, however blogs could serve as an excellent role to hear what real students are saying about the campus, classes, and student life, both in a positive and negative light. After all, there are only so many overly enthusiastic, all-star students’ feedback you can read on college brochures you receive in the mail as a high schooler.

Since students are able to freely write what’s on their minds without admissions offices editing or covering up material up to be PG, prospective students can be confident in utilizing student blogs as a realistic source of student life information.

Very interesting to see how colleges are promoting students’ blog posts on their websites! Take a closer look yourself…
MIT Admissions



  1. I quite enjoyed this post. Could have used more links to outside sources, but otherwise a very good post!

  2. Very interesting. Slightly risky in the midst of academia – but clearly it must be paying off for these major institutions.It always comes back to the ol’ bottom line.

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