Posted by: lindseychristine | October 12, 2009

Computer Companies to Introduce High Tech Computer Tablets

500x_courier8Blackberries, iPhones, kindles, the iPod Touch, what’s next you may ask in the booming world of technology? The high-tech computer industry is currently working hard on a new and improved device, computer tablets. A keyboard-free, touch-screen device is in the works by computer companies like Apple and Microsoft with the goal of introducing such gadgets at the start of 2010, according to a report last week in The New York Times.

The Times revealed that Apple plans to incorporate its iPhone services to a modernized computer tablet which will have an introductory price of a whopping $700. Plans for the tablet include a two screen device which will include e-book readers, television, movie, and video game capabilities, social networking software, restaurant finders, and of course visually pleasing web and computer applications.

The rumor that Microsoft was also creating a similar tablet called the Courier was confirmed at the end of September on the popular technology blog Gizmodo, according to a report in the LA Times last month. The blog states that Microsoft’s tablet will be a 7-inch, touch-screen and will provide writing and drawing features to be used with a stylus or by the use of a finger. The back of the tablet will also include a camera.

Take a look at the wide array of features Microsoft’s Courier will offer…you may just be amazed.

Although everyone always seems to want to purchase the latest technological device, many are debating on whether or not there is a need for such a device since it will incorporate many of the same applications that other current devices already offer. “I can imagine something like the iPhone with a much bigger screen being a gorgeous device with great capacity, but I don’t know where I would fit that into my life,” a former Apple executive shared with The New York Times.

imagesOn the flip side, students and professors at Albion College in Michigan certainly disagree, according to an August report on Michigan Live LLC. Andrew French, an organic chemistry professor, finds computer tablets to be extremely beneficial and incorporates the use of them in his class lectures. French requires his students to have tablets in class. He draws on his own tablet and the asks the class questions which are to be answered on the students’ tablets. Undergraduates in this class are able to give the professor an instant response on whether or not the material that is being taught is understood.

The use of tablets have truly had a positive effect on the learning process in this course. “I’ve seen the dynamic in the class change…We’re able to learn together,” French mentioned. Kyle Shanton, Associate Professor of Education at Albion, found, “The average score was nearly 10 percent higher than a class in a previous year that did not use the devices.”

Nobody is certain what the future holds for the success of computer tablets. For the average person the device may not be anything too out of the ordinary with all the modern technology available. However, utilizing such gadgets to advance upon classroom teachings would truly be beneficial. Not only will students be able to interact more effectively with professors in class, note taking whether in words or drawings will surely be helpful with an improved computer tablet. Do you think computer tablets could benefit you as a student? Do you see a future with such new technology in the classroom?



  1. Wow! Have I been sleeping all semester? When did you all of sudden become the best blogger in the class! Keep up the great work!

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