Posted by: lindseychristine | October 15, 2009

Pumpkin spice, you are so nice!

CS-03C1025-18-37The air is crisp. The leaves have changed to beautiful orange, red, yellow colors. The nights have become chillier and the wind’s howling. The sounds of leaves crunching have become routine. Apple crisp, hot cider, and “fun size” candies never fail in hitting the spot during this season. Many would say that “the most wonderful time of the year” is the winter holiday season, but I’d argue that fall in New England is by far the best time of the year hands down. No, I’m not Scrooge but I’m still a child at heart who loves to go apple picking and carve a pumpkin. Whether you enjoy these activities or not, you can always spice up your season with a getaway.

CS-03C1025-02-31 Got plans for the weekend? Grab your friends and head to Southern New Hampshire toward Mount Monadnock to the land famous for jack-o-lanterns! Yes, Keene, NH! This Saturday marks Keene’s 19th Annual Pumpkin Festival which will kick off at 10a.m. and end when the bats are out and about at 9p.m.

Approximately 70,000 people from all over New England attend each year to be awed by pumpkins that range from humorous, creepy, weird, and original, displayed on wooden platforms along Keene’s Main Street, according to an Associated Content report last month. You’re never too old to enjoy “a costume parade, a seed spitting and pie eating contests, live music on three stages, facepainting, craft booths, lots of food provided by area non-profits,” which the festival site promotes. See for yourself what it’s like to be surrounded by thousands (yes thousands!) of beautifully carved pumpkins.

Since the start of Pumpkin Fest in 1991, the Guiness Book of World Record for Most Lit Carved Pumpkins was set seven times at this well-loved autumn event, according the Associated Content report. Can you try to imagine being in the presence of 28,952 pumpkins?! Crazy to think about! However, those who attended Pumpkin Fest 2003 could confirm they experienced just that. The quaint streets of Keene were completely brightened up by such an astonishing amount which set a Guinness Book of World Record for the Largest Amount of Carved Pumpkins Gathered Together! If that wouldn’t get you into the Halloween spirit I’m not sure what will.

Oh, so this is what a pumpkin artist does…



  1. Well if that little write up doesn’t get someone in a mood to carve a pumpkin and sip some cider then I don’t know what will! You sure got me jumpin for some fall excitement!

  2. I agree, autumn in New England is hands down the best time of year. How could anyone resist the cool crisp air, the colorful leaves and drinking hot cocoa by a fireplace?

    I’ve never been to the Pumpkin festival but it looks awesome, I’ll definitely put it on the list for next year.

  3. My cousins live in Keene and go to Pumpkin Fest every year. Autumn is great in New England, the best is going apple picking with your friends and drinking pumpkin spice lattes that taste like a Yankee candle!

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