Posted by: lindseychristine | October 22, 2009

Murder of “Jazz” Howard Results in Third CT College Death

49947952In recent months we have read and heard disturbing news headlines such as “Police: Gunman in Deadly Wesleyan Shooting Threatened Victim, Is Targeting Jews,”Bloody Clothes’ Found Inside Lab Where Missing Yale Student Worked,” and this past weekend “UConn Football Player Jasper Howard Stabbed to Death on Campus.” The tragic death of Jasper Howard, a well-loved, popular, 20-year old cornerback for the Huskies, marks the third death of a college student on or close by a college campus in the state of Connecticut within the past six months, according to a Fox 61 report on Sunday.

imagesA junior from Wesleyan University, Johanna Justin-Jinich, 21, was shot and killed on May 6th by Stephen Morgan at the university’s bookstore and cafe which is in close proximity to the campus.

images-1With a new school year in full swing this fall, Annie Le, 24, a Yale doctoral student was found dead on September 8th in a school lab’s wall after being strangled and suffocated by 24-year old Raymond Clark III.

images-2This past Sunday, Jasper Howard, UConn junior and a soon-to-be father was stabbed to death outside of the Student Union on the university campus at 12:33 a.m. following a university sponsored homecoming celebration dance, according to an article published yesterday in UConn’s student newspaper, The Daily Campus. Howard’s killer still has not been identified, according to Major Blicher from the UConn Police Department.

An overwhelming amount of sorrow and grief have transpired on the campuses of these three Connecticut educational institutions, only miles a part from one another. Students and faculty at the universities have been forced to cope with the loss of young adults who had such bright futures ahead of them. Students at these or any other college university should never, ever have to see there campus turn into a murder investigation scene.

We often watch the news and feel unfortunate and saddened to hear tragedies occurring at places elsewhere, but we may often think that such a tragedy could never occur at our own school. Waking up to horrifying news that a murder had been committed on my campus hit myself and the entire UConn community like a ton of bricks. It does hit home when a death, whether if you knew the student or not, occurs on your campus.

49925741Seeing yellow caution tape blocking off the homicide scene, a surge in police and emergency personnel, news station vehicles and reporters plastered on the center of campus, people crying, students and faculty walking around with looks of disbelief, it’s just down right disturbing. The entire horrific scene and event is utterly appalling and has planted a pit in my stomach. The chaos that has enveloped on the rural UConn campus appears to be one bad nightmare in which everyone just wished we’d be able to wake up and realize it was only a dream. Everyone on campus seems to be asking themselves, “Why? Why did this happen?!”

The Yale, Wesleyan and UConn communities will always remember their fallen students and will progress and strengthen from such tragedies. News stations should not have to arrive on any more college campuses to cover the death of a student or to report at candlelight vigils. Where do we go from here? When will there be a stop to college campus violence?


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