Posted by: lindseychristine | October 27, 2009

Why donate blood? Save Lives & Your Heart

“Every minute of every day, someone needs blood,” according to the American Red Cross.

blood_donors_1“It’ll just be a quick pinch!” The thought of giving blood can make those who fear and despise needles squirm. However, those who are kind and brave enough to be consistent blood donors not only help to save the lives of others in need of a blood transfusion, they are also improving their heart health by decreasing their risk for heart disease, according to a report by The Boston Channel.

Dr. David G. Meyers, an associate clinical professor of cardiology at The University of Kansas Hospital, reported on their website, “Giving blood reduces the level of iron in the blood…a lower level of iron in the blood protects individuals from coronary artery disease. This study suggests that frequent and long term whole blood donation may reduce the risk of heart disease.”

Medical research has confirmed that men who donate blood often can particularly benefit the most from preventing cardiovascular damage since heart disease is the main cause of death for males, according to Dr. Kristie Leong in a HealthMad report in February 2008.

The American Medical Association reported that those who gave blood every six months had less heart attacks and strokes from research conducted on participants ages 43 to 61, according to a March 2007 report by the Associated Content.

Yes, we are young adults and are not overly concerned about our cardiovascular health or cholesterol at this stage of our lives. However, getting into the routine habit of donating blood early on will certainly benefit your body and heart in the long run. Be sure to encourage your parents to donate blood and inform them of how beneficial it can be in preventing heart disease.

Of course we’re all busy balancing our lives with homework, studying, and fun, but if you can take one hour out f your day two times a year to give back to those in desperate need of blood, the benefits are truly positive. Need more reasons to be a blood donor? Check out The American Cross’ Top 10 Reasons to Give Blood.

The Miller-Keystone Blood Center provides further explanation of the advantages blood donors have…

Look into the next blood drive at your school or find an American Red Cross blood drive location here.

Have you donated blood before? Were you aware of the health benefits of donating?


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