Posted by: lindseychristine | November 16, 2009

Caution: Fattening Drinks Ahead

42-19227921Thirsty? When it comes to choosing a drink we may be less likely to consider the amount of calories, grams of sugar, carbs, and fat content a beverage may have in comparison to the foods we choose to eat. Let’s face it, a person is much more likely to consider the fat content in a Wendy’s junior bacon cheeseburger rather than the fat content of their morning coffee beverage they’re ordering.

However, the drinks we choose to drink each day may have more calories than we may think, which can certainly add to our waistlines overtime. The average American takes in 450 calories daily from consuming beverages, according to a health study conducted by the University of North Carolina which was reported on Yahoo! Health last April. The report revealed that such calorie intake from drinks forces our bodies to work off or gain an additional 23lbs each year.

gal_drink_fat_glass_ad_cokeThe New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene took powerful steps to spread public awareness of consuming beverages high in sugar and calorie content. In October the organization developed a three-month long visual ad campaign called “Don’t drink yourself fat.”

This health group’s eye-catching ads displayed sugary drinks being poured from a bottle into a glass where the contents instantly turned into fat. “The ad implies that excess sugar turns into stored fat in the human body. This process is scientifically referred to as “lipogenesis“, which is the synthesis of fat from carbohydrates or sugars,” which was reported on the Brooklyn Excelsior in October.

With the modern trends of eating healthy and organic foods and drinks, popular beverages on the market today that appear to be “healthy” may in reality not be as nutritional as one may think. Don’t be fooled!

The nutritional lowdown on the drink shelf from the highest to lowest calorie content…
(The following beverage nutritional facts were reported in Men’s Health Magazine which were included in a Hartford Courant unhealthy drink report and on a Yahoo! Health report.)

Coffee Alternative:
Starbucks’ Venti White Hot Chocolate
640 calories
28 grams of fat
76 grams of sugar

Energy Drink:
Rockstar Original (16 oz can)
280 calories
62 grams of sugar

Minute Maid (20oz)
250 calories
68 grams of sugar

Sierra Nevada (12 oz)
210 calories
20 grams of carbohydrates

Iced Tea:
Arizona (16 oz)
200 calories
25 grams of sugar

Sunkist (12 oz can)
190 calories
52 grams of sugar

“Healthy” Drink:
VitaminWater (20oz bottle)
130 calories
33 grams of sugar

“Light” Beer:
Sam Adams Light (12 oz bottle)
124 calories
10 grams of carbohydrates

Although drinking these beverages in moderation never hurt anyone, be sure to get in enough calorie-free H20 each day. Are you surprised at all by which drinks contain more calories in comparison to others?


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