Posted by: lindseychristine | December 9, 2009

Pandora to “Jazz” Up Cars in the Future

The tunes we rock out to in our cars have progressed from playing from good ol’ car radios to CD players, and now satellite radio, iPods, and smart phones. Of course the growth in music technology isn’t going to stop there. The popular, Internet radio website, Pandora, may possibly find a new home, our cars, according to a report posted on Mashable today. Pandora which can now be utilized on computers and cell phones plans to hit the road with us in the near future.

Mashable reported, “Pandora CTO Tom Conrad says half of the Internet radio’s mobile users listen to Pandora in the car (like us, they just connect their phones to their stereos).” It was mentioned that incorporating Pandora into our vehicles will reduce the risky behavior of taking eyes off the road to scroll through songs on iPods and phones to locate our favorite tunes. Instead, Pandora would provide the option to program in our most enjoyed stations onto our dashboards for easy access while driving. The well known radio provider plans to begin collaborating with Ford in January.

Conrad told GigaOM that newly manufactured cars will include Pandora which will either be included in the car’s price or be an additional feature. GigaOM also reported that the number of Pandora subscribers via smart phones has significantly increased which has sparked the encouragement to approach the automotive field.

Being a big fan of Pandora and satellite radio, I would love to see Pandora move into new cars. Having a large variety of genres and artists to choose from while driving would be enjoyed by many. Since I enjoy discovering new music within different genres, Pandora provides me with the opportunity to hear new singers and bands which fall under my preferred music categories. Hearing non-stop music without static or commercials is of course a plus as well. Bring it on!
How often do you use Pandora?


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