chicago_party_dancing_crowdNeed a nap? Did you and your friends grab pizza at 2am this past weekend ? Are you exhausted because you pulled an all-nighter to write that 12 page paper? Do you live off easy mac and Red Bull because you’d rather not eat the mystery meat in the dining hall? Is doing laundry an all day event for you? Are you broke? Do you enjoy going to birthday parties on the weekend even if you don’t know whose birthday it is?  

If you’ve answered yes to most of these questions you’re most likely a college student trying to balance schoolwork and fun. Nobody said that was easy! However, it’s easy to stay on top of some of the issues college students are facing today…right here, right now!

The 411 on College Living is a resource for undergraduate students which features posts focusing on topics which include but are not limited to: health- mind and body, academics, college crime, time management, maintaining relationships, budgeting money.
Stop by, take a look, leave a comment and/or feedback. Enjoy! Thanks for visiting!

Blog Maintained By: Lindsey Cunningham
University of Connecticut Journalism Student, Class of 2011
Introduction to Online Journalism


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